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Peter Ferk

I began my career in animation as a senior lay-out artist at Atkinson Film-Arts on Teddy Ruxpin for DIC Entertainment. After the show wrapped I moved to Toronto to work for Nelvana Studios. I worked in layouts on My Pet Monster, I then moved up to character and background design work Care Bears and then heading up the design department on Babar. Soon afterwards I was hired on as an Overseas Background Layout Supervisor working in Korea, Taiwan, China and Europe on a variety of shows including Chipmunks goes to the Movies (DIC), Beetlejuice (Nelvana), as well as Animaniacs and Batman (Warner Bros.), to name but a few. In 2008 my last overseas production working on was Hero 108 for Taffy Entertainment, a co-production with Gamania and Hong Ying Animation, in Shanghai, China.


When I returned to the United States, I found myself back at Warner Brothers Animation working as a background layout designer on Freakazoid and Superman. Soon I moved into storyboarding on Pinky and the Brain and Scooby Doo. I began working with other studios on a variety of T.V series and DTV's: Jackie Chan (Sony), Tutenstein (ABC/Discovery),  Growing up Creepie (Mike Young Productions), Kung-Fu Panda,(Nickelodeon), Transformers RID and RescueBots (Hasbro), to name a few. In between storyboarding gigs, I directed over 100 hours of animation including 101 Dalmatians (Disney/Jumbo Pictures), Sabrina the Teenage Witch (Disney), Pigs Next Door (Saban Ent.) and Camp WWE (Stoopid Buddies). Also I was brought on by Charlie Chiodo,(Chiodo Brothers), to produce the book illustrations featured in the Title sequence for the Jon Favreau film, Elf. Recently I was asked to consulate on some development work out of Hong Kong for Turner Broadcasting.


Over the years I have consulted with and produced artwork for Acme Archives, and was invited to contribute a piece to Star Wars Art: Visions book. I also began to paint interpretive Disney Art....I still have a long way to go!


Finally, I've been a member of the Television Academy since 1996, and had the honor of winning an Individual Achievement Award for Storyboarding in 2008.

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